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Cuisine DISHES - chez manu

Cuisine DISHES

Our inspiration

Our cuisine offers a trip through the Beagle Channel and its craftwork producers, with whom we have always had strong bonds for we respect the highest levels of freshness and quality possible in the raw material we use for you.
While based on our respect for the international level of production, our cuisine always extracts the best of the Fuegian local cuisine and its best products: Patagonian toothfish, Royal Crab from the Beagle Channel, mussels from the Brown Bay, the Fuegian Lamb.
Our cuisine is always willing to innovate with non-conventional products like samphire, pepper of Magellan, red pelagic crab, sea urchin, etc.


Working for our customers.

-  We provide daily service of a la carte menu, lunch and dinner.
-  We offer services for social and corporate events.
-  We have the capacity and experience to carry out catering and logistic services to companies.

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